Welcome to IPHA (the Integrative Pain Healers Alliance). We are a private self-funded professional community of pain and injury healers. Our network includes: clinical specialists, therapeutic technologists, diagnosticians and diagnostic innovators, public educators, advocates and other vital resources dedicated to supporting the medical art of physiological care.

IPHA promotes the spirit of network-building and collaboration, united through the bond of synergy and the common drive to make a difference. We contribute to the society of next-generation patient care through alliances, brainstorming and the integration of talents and solutions. We also support public awareness through educational projects, advocacy, joint research and sharing all useful information for public good. IPHA connects with pain professionals as well as group leaders to bring public knowledge to the patient community. We form a unique network of caregivers joined to establish a support system for one another- while driven to help those who need additional resources, technical updates or empowerment on the road to recovery. If you are a clinical professional, an innovator, an educator of modern pain and injury therapies, a community leader or a caregiver, we want to meet you!

Our ACTION PLAN includes:

• AWARENESS / advocacay with other community orgs • PUBLISHING health care news, articles, videos & book projects
• PARTNERSHIPS with like-minded visionaries & innovators • RESEARCH: project collaboration & info sharing
• OUTREACH WORK to all health orgs, resources & survivors • INITIATING EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS & RESOURCES

Welcome to IPHA's Health & Healing 101 E-Newsletter
1/12/2022 - Visit the Pain Healers' community E-news forum. Produced and written by dedicated professionals and health educators who share their expert findings and insights on relevant topics in pain therapeutics, diagnostics and lifestyle upgrades. We welcome special guest contributors from all modalities of healing - from practitioners, product innovators and researchers. Also, gain valuable insight from success stories of real people and their experience with WHAT WORKED for them! Check out the latest headlines:

• 1/29 - What is HEMIPLEGIA?
• 1/18 - TECH-REVIEW 2022: Real Stories About PEMF

NEW PROGRAM: Women's Diagnostic Network
Having access to the latest in compassionate experts and innovative diagnostic solutions for women is the first step to maintaining good health. Our alliance unites collaborative minds about the latest solutions from a wide range of modalities to offer optimum choices for all patients. Meet Nurse Debi Cavolo, one of our current caregivers (vIdeo-L) and educator/advocate for integrative care of women's chronic disorders. Together, we provide expansive research and info-sharing about all clinical options and protocols as well as testimonials and clinical viewpoints from active professionals in the field. (visit WDN Webpage)

Making a Difference- one Champion at a Time!
EmPowerment comes from Awareness, Education and the spirit to invoke Positive Change in our lives and the world around us. IPHA NEWS and the Women's Diagnostic Network unites to form a national outreach to build network forums to support all health professionals and survivors of systemic diseases, chronic pain and injuries. Most often, our members come in the form of public ROLE MODELS and INSPIRING LEADERS who help to steer our mission to make a global difference. Meet JESI STRACHAM (NC), Spinal Cord Injury survivor and president of the Wheel with Me Foundation. Jesi has recently been nominated for the 2022 Ambassadorship Award for IPHA's Phoenix Advocacy Program. Her remarkable public work and her spirited style in educating and inspiring others to rise above their physical impairments is a global asset to lead the pursuit of personal excellence and achievements. In addition, Jesi is the recent advocacy partner of the IPHA program: Women's Health Network- focused on all women's health disorders and complex issues. (see full details: ACTION TEAM NEWS)

EXTRA: 6/6/2022- "Jesi Goes to Manhattan": Biometric Case Study with Advanced Ultrasound Scans

MOMS ON A MISSION: Keeping our Athletes Safe with Integrative Research
In support of our young future All-Stars, we need to give them all the best clinical care and preventive science has to offer- to keep them safe and in top healthy shape. This unique advocacy and research initiative brings access to the top innovations in diagnostic and therapeutic care for our young athletes. The MOMS OF ATHLETES project is a coalition of parents and caregivers that offers a national roundtable collaboration about the current state of contact sports and how our children are directly affected. Through our web-based EmPowermeet Conferences, we can now unite to form open discussions about the most critical topics and explore solutions collectively. (See DETAILS).

Commanding a New Voice in Resource Support for Injured Veterans

2/11/2022- The Integrative Pain Healers Alliance (An AngioFoundation program) forges a 2022 coalition with supporting agencies and community leaders to launch an action plan to offer alternative health resources to injured American veterans. Similar to the First Responders Cancer Resource project, this campaign supports all veteran advocates and service members support organizations by offering educational initiatives, alternative therapeutic modalities, sustainable diagnostic technologies and clinical research programs. Aptly called the Post Military Crusaders' Coalition (PMCC), prime supporters including renowned "cancer detective" Dr. Robert L. Bard, Micaela Bensko, founder of Veterans In Pain (V.I.P.), Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) GRETCHEN EVANS (Cost of Freedom, Inc. No Barriers USA Ambassador) and a host of caregivers and health professionals joined to forge an extended national network to support initiatives for injured veterans & rescue professionals. (see complete press release)

The intergrative Pain Healers Alliance is dedicated to supporting the entire community of pain/injury sufferers, solutionists and innovators through advocacy, public education and research initiatives. This year, IPHA is pursuing a major drive to connect with military veterans foundations to offer collaborative opportunities in innovative resources that could add a helping hand to the helpers of vets. Similar to IPHA's initiatives for the first responder community that hleped re-boot the FACES FOUNDATION, the community of wounded/injured service personnel (and their families) deserve all the help available from grateful Americans and IPHA holds much of the same spirit. Starting with national Veteran Do-Gooders like VIP (Veterans in Pain), clinical and strategic members of IPHA are in talks to build grant-funded research projects and expansion plans to offer more for those who gave their all.


April 27, 2022 marks the official launch of the National Women's Diagnostic Network co-produced by the Integrative Pain Healers' Alliance, the AngioFoundation and the NY Cancer Resource Group. Thanks to the collaboration of the co-hosts Dr. Noelle Cutter and Dr. Roberta Kline, the virtual event otherwise known as the Round Table emPOWERMEET / Leadership Conference 2022 united NINE remarkable educators in support of women's health issues. Each speaker shared their own visions, viewpoints and work experiences. They explored the field of care-giving and offered their personal inspirations that added individual energies to this public event. (see complete article on our first Women's emPOWERMEET.)
3/24 - Electromagnetic Breakthrough from Above our Northern Border: By Joseph J. Toy
3/16 - Essentials of SHOCKWAVE THERAPY: feat. Uran Berisha (IloveShockwave.com)
3/7 - Personalized Nutrition: Going beyond VitaminB12 for Vegan Diet Support: By: Dr. Bobbi Kline
3/7 - Integreative Medicine Review of Toxins
3/7 - The Sitting Culture: High Risk of Decline and Mortality: by Dr. Jonathan Kirschner
2/24 - Can PEMF Speed Up Healing Time? - by Dr. Jerry Dreessen
• 2/23 - Mental Health 101: Treating Incontinence Starts with Overcoming the STIGMA: by Dr. Bobbi Kline
In our search for non-invasive health innovations is the science of BIOFEEDBACK—we feature the internationally recognized pioneers from ONDAMED technology. Uniquely integrated with the features of PEMF/Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapeutics, this device offers localized tissue stimulation by induction of microcirculation within tissue. While the ONDAMED is approved by health authorities outside of the U.S. for pain relief, soft tissue injuries, and wound healing, the U.S. FDA regulates health claims to only include treatment for stress and stress related disorders. (see full article)
PAIN 101: WHAT IS PLANTAR FASCIITIS? Written by: Josh Tiberius Schueller
Plantar Fasciitis is a challenging, difficult and often time frustrating injury that effects millions of people per year. PF is not considered a serious injury on the spectrum of musculoskeletal injuries so there have been a lack of attention to effective treatments. Many suffers are active competitive people who struggle with the lack of effective treatment. These people have to take weeks into months off from training because of this injury. Traditional treatments have been lackluster in results which has spawned “gimmicky” devices that have flooded the market. The need for a safe, effective treatment for PF is apparent. These devices need to be validated to decrease consumer fraud. The health care professionals need to realize that traditional treatments of ice, rest, and immobilizing are not effective for active people. (see full article)

MEDTECH REVIEW: Fluorescence Imaging for Inflammation & Infection
12/1/2021-clinicians are constantly in search for what provides us the most accurate quantitative data from the standpoint of non‐invasive safety. In the case of diagnosing cancers and bacterial infections, we are now exploring the potential of the intelligence behind bioluminescence and fluorescence (or autofluorescence) probes.From a 2019 study (by Raizman et al) about use of this technology (MolecuLight i:X) with debridement, scans of 22 wounds were conducted under standard and violet light in patients after debridement. Scans, performed non-invasively at the point-of-care, demonstrated remaining bacteria/biofilm signal in 100% of wounds after sharp debridement, triggering additional removal of tissue. (see intro feature review by Dr. Randall Weisel and Dr. Robert Bard)

10/15/2021- Before TESLA became the household word for the next generation of automobile, medical historians and publishers often attribute the Godfather of electrical transduction therapy to NIKOLA TESLA (1856-1943) for his pioneer work in advanced electromagnetic field frequency. They align the success of non-invasive treatment innovations including the Pulsed Elecromagnetic Field Thereapy (PEMF) and the Transcranial Magnetic stimulation (TMS) to the philosophy of implementing electgromagnetic fields to stimulate cells. It is this same paradigm in patient care technology that enforces the very backbone of holistic and non-surgical ("no more scalpel") movement. (see complete MedTech review #1 on PEMF)
10/11/2021- High risk professions like law enforcement, military service, healthcare and emergency response are known to have exposure to some of the most extreme levels of trauma - both physically and psychologically. EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is an innovative protocol that puts the patient at the drivers seat as a segue to learning about the inroads of therapy because EMDR is so structured and less of the fear of "talk therapy" and opening up. EMDR works on RECALL in a more structured way by targeting a specific event. It places the subject/patient in a somewhat dreamlike state (of calm) where we guide them through a specific event and try to untangle the trauma from the body and the mind. EMDR unlocks the bottled trauma and the objective of the therapist (or guide) is to bring down the stigma incited by the patient about that event or issue, so we can safely and comfortable work on it. (see full article)


THE WORLD OF PAIN HEALING STARTS HERE! Our goal is to unite the community of Functional Medicine, Pain Managers and all Solutionists to share information and ideas to help to create a strong, global collaborative network of problem solvers. Only together can we truly make a powerful impact in our society.
The Patient
Consultation / Analysis
Diagnostic Care
Age Related Disorders
High Risk Activities
Complementary Care
Advanced Science

Emergency Incidents & Trauma Injuries

Invasive Procedures
Medical Grade Therapeutics

Choosing The Right Therapeutic Strategy
When it comes to pain, the average American might reach for the quick, the simple and the inexpensive solution- mostly coming from over the counter meds. Pain medications are often a band-aid to the injury that lies underneath, only numbing the pain until it comes back again. With a little Google search, patients are finding a treasure trove of solutions to their injuries- the kind that addresses the problem more than masking it.

IPHA offers a collective of all contributing healers to share their insights on how each protocol works, giving the public the ability to learn about which strategy is right for them.

The Second Opinion: To seek a SECOND OPINION is a patient's right as a cautious and educated consumer. This measure is also a smart financial coverage encouraged by insurance companies geared to prevent much higher claims from costly or 'wrongful' procedures. Whether you're searching for a primary care physician or a specialist, shopping for any doctor can be quite a challenge. Ingredients for finding a professional that you can trust with your life rely heaviest on their reputation, expertise and qualifications found under smart research methods.

Referrals: Though medical professionals are now participating in the commercial world of marketing (such as broadcast and podcast commercials, youtube videos, social media promotion and public relations campaigns), the largest and most popular method of deciding on a doctor is still word of mouth. At least starting with a recommendation from a friend, colleague or family member, getting positive feedback about a practitioner through others' experience is a great place to begin.

Research: Once you have a name (or several names to choose from), the next answer is conducting online searches. With more than a decade of evolution, the internet provides a wide expanse of research options of about any professional. From patient reviews, local directories, educational contributions, social media connections and background checks, the web helps with so many ways to check out any professional for any success as well as not-so-good-news about them.

Dr. Noelle Cutter
Associate Professor at Molloy College Director/ Biologist, Researcher and Champion TRIATHLETE.
"As a life-long athlete, my advocacy primarily is centered on education and raising public awareness for pain management, awareness and injury solutions. I work with students to help them find their own voice in advocacy..."
Arun Garg, DMD
Arun K. Garg, DMD, is a nationally recognized dental educator and surgeon who for over 20 years, served as a full-time Professor of Surgery in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and as Director of Residency Training at the Univ. of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. www.GargMD.com
Dr. Robert L. Bard
Diagnostic Imaging (NYC)
Pictures tell a thousand words about what's going on under the skin- and with the use of ultrasound scanning, we have a safe and accurate way of validating
all treatment modalities for their efficacy... I am proud to meet all healers of pain and injury- where we can hope to work together to bring wellness back to our community- one patient at a time!"

Debbie Falborn, RN
Sr. Health Advisor / Holistic Health Coach- Holds a personal initiative as an educator and health coach in the wellness community. She conducts private presentations about cancer prevention, early detection and treatment modalities.

Micaela Bensko
Founder/CEO Veterans In Pain V.I.P. - Empowering Veterans through Access to OrthoBiologic & Alternative solutions for Veterans suffering from chronic pain, by connecting volunteer physicians with our country’s heroes, nationwide.


Philip Muccio
CEO Axiobionics/ Orthotist
"I am so proud to meet the growing list of our new members... truly the salt of the earth and some of the most remarkable people doing incredible work. I personally have grown exponentially as a professional thanks to the joint efforts with folks like you all... let's all stay in the fight!" -www.axiobionics.com


Nancy Novak
President/CEO of NANCYSLIST.org - supporter of the many difficulties of Cancer including the aftermath of treatment: "My simple and profound wish is that no one will ever go through cancer and pain alone. I want every man, woman, teenager, and child who has to ‘walk the walk’ to have a hand to hold from someone who has been there, who understands the cancer mystery, and who will hang in there when times are tough..."
Jessica Connell-Glynn
IPHA Mental Health Dir- "Targeting and healing psychological trauma within rescue workers is a careful process of deep empathy and a combined spectrum of experience-based referencing of job-related (physical and emotional) health effects". As a therapist and mental health coach for emergency many responders, Jessica's work involves providing direct support in managing symptoms of personal anxiety and panic.
Lt. Chris Conner
Bedford Fire Dept / President (F.A.C.E.S. Foundation) As a career firefighter, Lt. Conner knew the risks of the job and accepted them if it mean helping others. Early in his career, firefighters that he worked with were getting extensive injuries of all kinds. They also acquired other disorders that called for support (ranging from cancers to mental health issues) assessed from the job. These all affect both the individual, but it also has effects on families and friends."

Johnny 'Double Pain" Graziano
President of the Wildwood Warriors Tri-team, member of the IRON MAN race community, John Graziano is no stranger to pain. "I continue to search for all modalities to find that one solution that can eliminate the chronic pain. My search has led me to connect with some of the top trainers, therapeutic experts, PT's, chiropractors, acupuncturists - basically anyone who has something new in their toolbox. True pain relief (for me) is not cheating with pills - it's addressing the source of the problem."

To meet and speak to all these professionals is a unique joy for any pain sufferer. John’s extensive background as an athlete has earned him the nickname “Double Pain” because of his many injuries and physical abuse from years of pushing his limits in running, cycling and extensive workouts. His contribution to the meeting as a pain sufferer and a recipient of many pain therapies provided the group with welcomed topics for all the pain professionals.  “I believe this group reflects the future of medicine”, says Graziano. “Speaking from the perspective of a patient, there’s definitely many ways to address pain…  but what’s amazing about this particular group is that they all seem so open to support and integrate a wide array of treatment studies.  They’re all believers in continued education and they were so open to sharing of themselves while listening intently to each other. I have the greatest confidence in each of these practitioners to work on me soon!”

History of Pain Brings Forth Public Education: I helped to build the end-user section of IPHA and the host of A Video Series because of my passion for the grueling sport of Triathlon. When they say "no pain-no gain", - I got pain and lots of it. And in a society where we all suffer with something either from aging or abuse, part of my mission (here) is to collect all information about what works, what's new and who's who in the field of wellness. (see Johnny Double Pain's Video- 1st day consult)

Top Book for ALL Docs: "THE HOUSE OF GOD"
A review by: Dr. Andrew J. Rochman
I subscribe to the belief of "IF IT AIN'T BROKE- DON'T MESS WITH IT". Nature built the body to heal itself and trying to "fix" issues based on a patient's immediate complaints is not letting nature do its job. This type of behavior often leads to screwing things up. The art and science of healing means knowing the right time to act- and get the right facts beforehand.
In July 2014, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature enacted the Compassionate Care Act to provide a comprehensive, safe and effective medical marijuana program that meets the needs of New Yorkers.  According to the NYS Dept. of Health, medical marijuana is available in New York for patients with the following severe debilitating or life threatening conditions: cancer, HIV infection or AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, neuropathies, Huntington's disease, chronic pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and as a replacement to prescription opioids. see complete article. Also see Dr. T. O'Brien's article on "Considering CBD/THC Treatment

IPHA Officially welcomes our latest ally in the community of pain healing innovations. Meet AOPP (The Association Of PEMF Professionals- 501c3). This remarkable society unites educators, advocates and technologists in the non-invasive solutionists of the PEMF community. AOPP supports and advocates the use of PEMF modalities on humans and animals and are committed to legitimizing and uniting PEMF users and practitioners. AOPP also supports major research and safety testing of all PEMF technologies as part of its public service to the patient community. (www.pemfprofessionals.org)

The 2021 MedTech Reviews (Video Series) and IPHA NEWS editors celebrate AXIOBIONICS for their groundbreaking advancements in wearable neurostim therapeutic technologies. AxioBionics can effectively target pain with customizable neuro-engineered garments such as the BioBelt- clinically-proven, non-drug, wearable electrical stimulation system designed to address and remove pain and muscle spams that are recognized to restore quality of life from chronic pain and injuries. Additional feature story available @Modern Diagnostic Science
FROM TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, paralysis may result in either side of the body. Injury in the neurotransmitters of the brain or the spinal cord affects control of motor functions. TBIs affect the lives of people of all ages- ranging in severity from mild (concussion), moderate or severe TBI. Anyone can experience a TBI, but data suggest that some groups are at greater risk of dying from a TBI or experiencing long-term health problems after the injury. TBI is a major cause of death and disability in the US with a recorded 61,000 TBI-related deaths in 2019 (est 166 TBI-related deaths every day) (See complete report)

While aspirin and other painkillers may be effective when it comes to masking pain and other associated symptoms, they do not address the root cause of the pain. Luckily, there are some natural alternatives to painkillers which not only help reduce pain but also improve your overall health. TURMERIC is known to be effective in reducing pain. RED GRAPES have been proven to be 10 times more effective in reducing back pain than aspirin. GINGER is effective in the reduction of prostaglandin levels which are responsible for causing pain. SOY: (See complete report)

MedTech 2021 Review: Pain Therapeutic Device
THE PAIN THERAPY MARKET: The American pain relief treatment industry is expansive and a vastly lucrative market. It appeals greatly to the population that is drawn to the 'promise' of restoring quality of life and physical performance through the reduction/elimination of stress and discomfort. The varying range of pain treatment strategies on the market lends itself to a seemingly endless array of options for products, technologies, drugs and point of care therapies. See AXIOBIONICS review - complete report

Trauma Response Technologies and the Rescuers Who Use them
The saying “you can’t take it with you” is often applied to points of wisdom about letting go of your worldly possessions at the twilight of your years. In the case of emergency response, an ambulance rig is designed to simulate an ER on wheels, packing a range of life support equipment, devices and drugs for all critical rescue situations. .. (See complete report)

Non-Invasive means "NO MORE SCALPEL": Welcome to the age of the TRICORDER
Early 60's pop culture represented a caricature of our western medical science as appears in the adventure board game called "OPERATION". It simulated a nerve-racking surgical malpractice scenario with the naked Cavity Sam's many exposed plastic vital organs. And then there's the ever-popular Star Trek line of accessories like Dr. "Bones" McCoy's Medical TRICORDER - an innovative marvel that projected a non-invasive medical future.(See full article)

Also, check out Dr. Andrew Rochman's feature on The Cellular Regeneration movement.

Doctors Discover the MIGRAINE GENOME
Recently, researchers were able to uncover 5 genetic regions which were linked to migraines. The location and understanding of these genetic regions has brought researchers closer to understanding the biomarkers or triggers which cause migraines. Another large scale study was able to locate 12 genetic regions out of which 8 regions were located in the cranial areas which control the circuitries of the brain. 2 of the genetic regions control the maintenance of healthy brain tissue.

Muscle Strains Can Cause Ppermanent Physical Damage
Muscle pain is something that is easy to overlook. Since it’s usually a mild dull pain and does not hinder daily activities unless at an extreme stage, people tend to wait too long before consulting a physician. There may be two kinds of a muscle injury. You many have a sprain (which is the stretching or tearing of the muscle and the tendon) or a strain (which is the stretching or tearing of the ligament). Also known as Rhabdomyolysis, muscle injury is caused by a breakdown of the fibers in the muscle. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

February 24, 2020
DOCTOR SHOPPING 101 - by Sally Kalksma

People will test drive several cars, sample multiple paint colors on their living room wall, even try different hairstylists in a 10-mile radius before finding their perfect match, but people just won’t go through all that research and time to find the right doctor! I just can't understand why some people will take the tie to research what type of weed wacker to buy, but then just listen to the first doctor they talk to when they find out they have a serious illness. How does this make any sense? (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

February 21, 2020
Ultrasound 101: From Deep Scans to Dermal Pre-Op Scans

For many diagnostic applications, the real-time scanning ability of VASCULAR ULTRASOUND has greatly advanced the way injuries are read, identified and managed. Vascular ultrasound uses sound waves to evaluate the body's circulatory system. It also helps identify blockages in the arteries and veins and detect blood clots. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

The ABC's of Essential Oils
Essential oils are liquids that are extracted from plants including, but not limited to, the seeds, barks, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit. As we begin to understand the power of essential oils in holistic healthcare – it is of absolute necessity of obtaining pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Chemists can replicate, but it would be nearly impossible to recreate the oils in a laboratory. It’s like the difference in using real vanilla extract vs. imitation vanilla extract. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

FHPMA is a group of professionals who are committed to helping others in the care, treatment and collaborative search for solutions addressing PAIN and INJURIES. From saving lives to creating valuable information to establishing public initiatives that bring true support to others, FHPMA is a special network of compassionate and courageous crusaders.

There are many ways to provide support and care & FHPMA members do it every day! Some are in the clinical front lines of treating patients patients while others conduct exploratory research to address the ongoing search for PAIN RELIEF and INJURY CARE- through innovation and sustainable protocols. Meet our fellow members and ask them questions about their work. It's the greatest way to learn just how wide the world of care truly is!

"Only together can we truly succeed" is our founder's networking motto. FHPMA bridges many new relationships which has the potential to become life-long friends, collaborative partners or referral connections. Our unique society of caregivers thrives on new information, awareness and partnerships with experts- which makes people-connecting a vital part of our professional existence!




As with all social media groups, the IPHA was created with the hopes of providing better connectivity with colleages and exclusively selected members with similar common interests in the cancer community or have chosen to pursue care-giving work in this field. From medical doctors to survivors, book publishers to cancer coaches, fundraisers and advocates and the many other roles in between, our founders established this group to help unite this special community through the benefits of digital media and grow lasting relationships going forward.

Through the spirit of networking,IPHAallows for easier introductions, safer and healthier connecting through a more efficient use of the existing social & digital media. This media is also a highly-useful platform for for information sharing of educational or news material.

The world of cancer care is comprised of some of the most dedicated and compassionate individuals who committed much (if not most) of their lives into the pursuits of helping others. To truly get in the fight, there is no better way than to bond with colleagues and gain the support of our fellow do-gooders. FHPMA has been established to bring support to the existing resources (that's YOU) in the form of increasing your web visibility, new exposure to your events or article posts and grow your alliance.

There's no denying that the internet brings the world closer! But unlike other websites, LINKEDIN is a special vibe over others because everyone here is a professional. That's the spirit of networking in action. You may find corporate owners, medical directors and others who have decision making power to help others (including fundraising orgs). This is just one of the ways that AFAC helps to bring visibility to our cancer related friends.

Once you have joined the group, the FORUM allows for easy POSTING of blog articles, links to interesting websites, videos or announcements... information that helps enrich others. Please start by reading the GROUP RULES. We respect the privacy and expectations of our many members and in order to get the best experience, we need to ensure that our group website is COMMERCIAL-FREE from solicitors and spammers. Because of this, we have a MODERATOR reviewing all posts & member applicants with the ability to flag any solicitous marketing posts that may otherwise be deemed "self-serving".

If you're a new member, WELCOME! We invite you to post a non-sales'y introduction of yourself to everyone in our home page and let people know who you are. We suggest to start your first post as a BRIEF intro of 100 words. Keep it about YOU and not as much about your work or service- that can happen later. As members of the cancer community, all members are compassionate to the cause and is a great place to build new connections based on your personal mission. Your intro should reflect this.


IF YOU ARE AN INNOVATIVE VISIONARY IN THE PAIN MANAGEMENT OR INJURY CARE PROFESSIONS AND WISH TO MEET LIKE MINDED PROFESSIONALS FROM OUR GROUP, please drop us a line at: editor.prevention101@gmail.com and send us any information about you and your life's work.

The IPHA is a private non-commercial, volunteer-only professional network group of pain & injury care professionals establilshed on Linkedin. Directors of the IPHA reserve the right to select its members based on merit, credentials and synergy with the current member population and the directive of the program. The IPHA is supported in part by the AngioFoundation (501c3), the NY Cancer Resource Alliance, F.A.C.E.S. Foundation (Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures), NancysList.org, the Male Breast Cancer Coalition and a growing list of supporters who all recognize the need for a professional community of pysiological healers. All articles, submissions, feature stories and videos posted in this web page are for INFORMATIONAL purposes only and is not a replacement for direct clinical care. If you seek medical assistance, see your physician or dial 9-1-1 for medical emergencies.